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Quick update

As Granny Weatherwax would say, “I ain’t dead”.
I’m just really, really busy.

I’m still working through Tranceportation, still trying to meditate regularly (still failing spectacularly).

We’re still renovating That Bloody House, but hope to be done and moved by the new year. It’ll be tight though, since we’ve lost nearly four weekends to various illnesses.

I’m volunteering my time to work as a concept artist for an onling game, hopefully improving my portfolio and taking a step towards getting a proper job in the art field.

My fine art practice has been resurrected, then returned to cold storage until after the move. I’ll be putting up some images at an unspecified future date.

Oh, and I finally decided on a charity to donate to. The Bat Conservation Trust (http://www.bats.org.uk/) now gets 15 of my hard-earned pounds a month to help protect the flesh and blood incarnations of my main spirit guide and mentor.

I hope you are all well; have a great Yuletide if I don’t post again before then.


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